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Zebra Backpack


While the zebra print continues to grow very popular, backpacks are catching with the trend by bringing zebras to life through their designs. The zebra backpack is rapidly becoming the hottest backpacks of today and everyone just seems to love it.


These days, zebra backpacks are not just loved by kids, but teenagers, sports lovers, and even fashion conscious females are among the groups fascinated with their looks.


The design of the zebra print backpack can go from classical to the ultra modern, combining in them the demand of modern day usage.


If backpacks were only used by kids and working professional during the early years, then today they are already an all-around companion.

Zebra backpacks designed to hold laptop computers and other delicate stuff are now rampant in stores. If you intend to purchase backpacks for your laptop or notebook, a 17” space would be fitting. 


White and black colors were what we normally see on items tailored to imitate the appearance of a zebra stripe, but that classical portrait is added with more colors that give the design a new meaning.


The old blueprint of the zebra design is artistically mixed with few other colors to enhance its image and catch the taste of most of us. Colors such as blue, pink, and turquoise are now visible in many backpacks sold in the market. Darker colors are used for the stripes while the lighter ones are for the background. 


Zebra backpacks with padded straps are more preferable since the padding help lighten the things being carried.

When choosing a backpack, especially for toddlers and grade school kids, those with padded straps are definitely the best choices since the padding will help eliminate some stress factors to kids as they carry their school materials.



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Zebra print backpacks are mostly made with polyester or plush. These materials are also used in other types of bags, however with zebra backpacks these materials are woven and tailored to contain stripes. Polyester is a durable fabric used in many items.


Polyester can become very tender when combined with cotton, but in the case of a backpack, polyester is used solely so a little roughness, but sturdy bag can be expected. 


 zebra backpacks

 zebra backpacks

 zebra print backpack

Plush fabric is ideal for teenage females who intend to use zebra print backpacks as part of their fashion statement. Plush is a very soft material making the backpack ideal for hugging and some tender affection.


 zebra print backpacks

 jansport zebra backpack

 zebra print backpack

Since plush can be tailored easily, zebra backpacks made from this material can become a bit realistic and entertaining. In fact, some makers are imitating not just the stripes, but the entire appearance of the zebra stripe in their backpacks. 


If the signature of the backpack matters a lot to you then Dickies, Jansport, Private LabelDakine, Hot Topic, Hurley, Baggallini, Sassafras, and other famous backpack makers are the best options. 


Patches such as cartoon characters, logos, and even a kid’s name can also be added to the backpack or book bag.


The number of pockets contained on a backpack is an important thing to consider. If you are the type of person who requires few additional gadgets for your day to day work, then a backpack with sufficient pockets is the best option.


Pockets for your mobile phone, wallet, pen, and some personal stuff should be checked. 


The color of the backpack is another impacting choice to make. For female, a combination of white, black, and pink can be fitting and adorable.

Turquoise, white and black are ideal for the male gender. But for toddlers and grade school children, any color will do!